Ultimate Guide To Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is about taking formal pictures of a corporate. The pictures can be taken during corporate events, or taken in a studio for portrait image of each of the employee. These pictures can be used for corporate websites, magazine, or other use such as office cards and decoration. Photographer Malaysia offers many photography services, one of them is corporate photography. Although corporate photography captures people, not products, this does not mean you can put aside the quality of the images. The people also represent the authenticity and the personality of a company, so you better know how to best capture corporate photography as per below:

* Add more lighting

Most of corporate events and photo sessions would be indoors. Being Photographer Malaysia indoors means mostly very low lighting. Get additional lights and flash to help bring out the best of the photograph. Lights can create good composition to your photographs. Do not rely on editing skills, best prepare good lighting so you would not need to be burden by heavy editing.

* 3 by 3 rules

Imagine having a 3 by 3 grid in your camera, this is best for portrait photography. For some very formal corporate, it would be standard to put the person in the center of the grid. But if the corporate adopts a more casual approach, you can put the person in about two third of the grid. This comes up much more natural, and you can choose the angle to best represent the facial figures.

* Group shots

Group shots can be tricky, because the number can be different and you need to put everyone in frame. Consider having some chairs to create levels, so that everyone is visible.

Those are the tips to corporate photography given by photographer Malaysia. Elevate your corporate exposure by embedding your employees photograph on your website!

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